Industrial Diamond Tools, Single Point Diamond Dressers, Multipoint Diamond Dressers, India

Diaform Chisels

Industrial Diamond Tools

Single Point Diamond Dressers
Single Point Diamond Dressers - it means only one cutting edge is presented ....
Multipoint Diamond Dresser
Multipoint Diamond Dressers - These tools replace Single point Diamond Dressers .....
Marposs Gauging Fingers
Marposs Gauging Fingers - these are used for measuring in-process grinding operations ....
Diamond Lapping Pest
Diamond Lapping Paste - it is made of graded Diamond Powder together with suitable vehicle ....
Diamond Indentors
Diamond Indentors -
1) Rockwell
2) Reichester
3) Wilson ....
Blade Type Diamond Dressers
Blade Type Diamond Dressers - Quality needle type diamonds in multi layer in Tungsten Carbide

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